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Commercial Insurance

Having a business in the beautiful state of Tennessee is an opportunity that only a select few get to enjoy. With a variety of industries necessary for both the residents and the tourists who frequent the state, the opportunity for success is available. To secure your business success, purchase a commercial insurance policy. Volunteer Insurance Agency Inc. understands the need for commercial insurance and the types of coverage necessary for your business' success.

Property Insurance

Cover your location and the equipment in it with insurance that protects them from any damage due to the storm, fire, or even theft that may happen. Product inventory is also covered under this type of coverage.

Errors & Omission

For some businesses who offer a variety of services, there is a chance that businesses and their services may become liable for one of their clients. If a professional liability claim is filed against your business and won by the plaintiff, the Errors & Omission clause of your insurance coverage will cover your business in this claim. Please note that all industries need different liability coverages based upon the services and products sold and obtained. The specifications of your business's liability coverage can be discussed with an agent at Volunteer Insurance Agency Inc.

Business Interruption Service

In the event that tragedy strikes your business and you are unable to provide the services or products for your clients, your business will lose income. Should you have this coverage clause in your policy, your business is protected from that financial loss with a claim of interrupted service. Natural disasters and tragic fires are often the reasons behind the need for business interruption service.

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If you would like to speak to an agent with Volunteer Insurance Agency Inc. regarding your Tennessee business insurance, our agents are ready to assist you. Contact us today for more information regarding your business and our agents will help you develop the right policy for your business.

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